"Follow-up! The US Bases in Japan"

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Problems associated with the US military presence in Japan have recently received renewed public attention.
These issues include the transfer and downsizing of US military bases in Japan,
notably Futenma, Okinawa, where a school-girl rape incident involving US solders in September 1995 triggered an outcry, and a redefinition of the Japan-US Security Pact delivered by the
Hashimoto-Clinton meeting on May 1996.

As a member of the Council of those cities accommodating US bases, we have been involved,
both inside and outside the parliament, in a range of activities concerning these US bases.

These activities include monitoring these bases through parlamentary and administrative instruments and, in cooperation with local grass-roots and labor organizations,
watching and collecting information about each base to analyzing them. In addition,
we have collected documents from US authorities taking advantage of the US Freedom of Information Act.

These documents have proved to be a very useful weapon against the secretive Japanese government on the matter of security, and been a good help to figure out the true picture of the US military deployment in Japan.

Through computer networks, we hope to provide a quicker, more precise and more definite disclosure of, and analysis on, the reality of US military presence, which tends to be covered up.

We are doing this primary because we firmly believe that this action, based on our right to access to information as citizens and tax-payers, should help to reflect ordinary people's opinion to Japan's security policies and the Japan-US Security Pact.

For these reasons, we are maintaining the "Follow-up! The US Bases in Japan"
home page, which observes, investigates and analyze the US military presence through the eyes of citizens.

Yoichi Endo (Local Council Member of Fussa City, TokyojEmail/endo@rimpeace.or.jp
Tokio KanekoiLocal Council Member of Sagamihara City,KanagawajEmail/kaneko@rimpeace.or.jp
Jungen TamuraiLocal Council Member of Iwakuni City, YamaguchijEmail/tamura@rimpeace.or.jp
Junko HashimotoiLocal Council Member of Sasebo City, NagasakijEmail/hashimoto@rimpeace.or.jp

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