J -- Watercraft Care of Supplies in Storage (COSIS) Services

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Contracting Office
US Army Operations Support Command, 1 Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, IL 61299-5000
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David Thompson, (309) 782-5702
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Email your questions to US Army Operations Support Command
Small Business Set-Aside
NA The U.S. Army Headquarters, Operations Support Command is providing this notice to industry prior to release of Amendment 0003 to Solicitation DAAA09-02-R-0136. Items addressed in Amendment 0003 are 1) The security requirement is being reduced and will be announced in Amendment 0003, 2) Amendment 0003 also revises sections L (Instructions to Offerors) & M (Evaluation Factors). In addition, the Performance Work Summary (Attachment 0002) is being revised. Amendment 0003 is still in process. Target issue date of Amendment 0003, is COB Wednesday, June 19, and NLT COB Thursday, June 20. The due date for receipt of proposals will be extended to 09 July 2002. This information will be posted in the FEDBIZOPPS.Gov today June 18, 2002. Pre-proposal conference (See FAR 15.201, Clause LF6013, Located at Section L-7): a. A pre-proposal conference will be conducted in the Baylor Conference Room, Bldg 104, 3rd Floor, at Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, IL (USA) on 21 June 2002 starting @ 09:00 a.m., for the purpose of answering questions regarding this solicitation. ALL PROSPECTIVE OFFERORS ARE URGED TO ATTEND. The purpose of this conference is to familiarize all offerors with the terms and conditions of the solicitation and to explain or clarify the contract requirements and specifications. Appropriate Government representative from Requiring Activities, CEG-A, CEB-H, and FSC, will be available to answer your questions. b. Each company is limited to three attendees. Submit the names and titles of all attendees to Ms. Pat O?Conor, Contract Specialist, at Commercial Phone: (309) 782-2122, Commercial Fax: (309) 782-2653/4903, E-mail: OconorP@osc.army.mil or mail to: HQ, FSC, ATTN: AMSOS-CCF, Bldg 390, Rock Island, IL 61299-6000, for receipt prior to close of business 20 June 2002. This information must be received in advance in order to ensure access to the military base/conference site and adequate sea ting for the conference attendees. Site Visit (See Far 52.237-1): A site visit at Yokohama North Dock, Japan is being conducted on 18-20 Jun 2002. Arrangements can be made by contacting Mr. Brian Brock, at Commercial: 011-81-3117-63-5245, DSN: 263-5245, or E-mail G4-IMA9@zama.army.mil, NLT 06 JUN 02. ALL PROSPECTIVE OFFERORS ARE URGED TO ATTEND AND INSPECT THE SITE. In no event shall failure to inspect the site constitute grounds for a claim after contract award. Point of Contact remains: Ms. Diane Brown, Procuring Contracting Officer, at Commercial Phone: (309) 782-7245, Commercial Fax: (309) 782-2653/4903, Email: BrownD2@OSC.Army.Mil
Place of Performance
Address: US Army Operations Support Command 1 Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island IL
Zip Code: 61299-5000
Country: US
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